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Elizabeth Rousseau
Registrar of Voters

Elizabeth Rousseau was elected Democratic Registrar of Voters in 2022. She served as Deputy Democratic Registrar of Voters for the prior 2021-2023 term. She is a certified Registrar of Voters,  certified Moderator, and was a poll worker in 2016 and in 2020. Poll-working is a tradition in Elizabeth's family, as two of her grandparents were poll workers, and her father has been a poll worker for many years. Click here to learn more about being a poll worker for West Hartford.


Elizabeth grew up in West Hartford and attended Smith School, Bristow Middle School, and Hall High School. She is a lifetime Girl Scout affiliated with the West Hartford Service Unit. She is a graduate of Trinity College where she majored in Economics (B.S.) and Public Policy & Law. One of her favorite classes at Trinity was Math and Redistricting where she learned about the mathematical and political methods of redistricting in the United States. During her time at Trinity, she volunteered as a Fight Back Fellow in 2018 for Connecticut Democrats and was an active member of the Trinity College chapter of College Democrats. A lifelong Episcopalian, Elizabeth and her family are members of Trinity Episcopal Church in Hartford. She is a member of the House of Deputies, one of the governing bodies of The Episcopal Church.


Elizabeth loves to read. Her dogs, Darcy and Bingley, are named after characters from Pride and Prejudice

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